Thursday, September 26, 2013

I think the time has come...

...the time that I need to actually pay attention to this blog. You may notice the large gap between this post and my previous post...over TWO years. A lot happens in two years. I'm not gonna try and do a 2-year recap in one post -- but I think it is important to highlite the "monkey wrench" that shut down this blog, completely derailed our community and put the brakes on our "farming" endeavor. In August 2011, Hurricane Irene flooded our world, changing landscapes, lives and perspectives forever. Although we had no personal property damage of note, the financial implications hit us hard. Our focus over the last 2 years has been re-building -- our pysche, our credit, our livelihood, our goals. After experiencing days without access to town and weeks without electricity, our primary goal is to be prepared for surviving, and thriving, under any circumstances. Here's what Irene brought us (everything between our big bridge and Route 28, including houses and our access to the world, is underwater -- lots of water) :

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